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EXODUS Movement of the People

Since The beginning of World War 3 in Syria, the world is facing another type of violence. It is more brutal and more evil than it was all the times before. The reason, it is fighted with unequal forces. People are killed from drones, whose operator is sitting thousands of miles away. There is no way to defend and what is more tragic, civilians are killed without procecution. It seems to be a war for recources and geopolitical interests under the flag of democracy. This time civilians are the victims in every sense and in any country.

Mainstream Media is doing a tough job as it is keeping the masses of the people in fear. Fear paralizes and makes them more obediant. Things have come to the point that several millions of people are fleeing from their homes, leaving everything behind to save their lives. The cities they lived in are destroyed. Children women and man, old an young are on the streets now walking towards a new future.... Imagine this could be you!

Parallel to this scenario people all over the world are awakening and start seeing the truth. They feel

that something is going extremely wrong here. They are organizing in demonstrations on the streets, connecting via social medias. They start revolting.

It is a shame that in the year 2015 mankind still is in war. It is a shame that there still is so mouch greed and egoism in every one of us that we haven´t managed it to live in peace and harmony united. Although it is possible if we only changed our way of thinking. Because it is not in the recources on our planet, it is in the greed. There is enough for everyone of us. And it is a shame that there is 1% of mankind possesing 99% of the money andthe letting humans suffer and continue destroying nature.

As an Artist it is my duty to talk to you through my art. I have to keep it neutral some times to let some space to think about it. Please enjoy ... Herzblut.

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