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When you begin to consciously utilize the power of “I AM” statements, your life will transform. This isn’t something that works for some and won’t work for you. It works when you WORK IT! But, you have to consistently work it. The good news is, once you make this a conscious habit for some time, it becomes an unconscious habit – you have re-trained your brain. You must make it a habit, everyday.

Your goal must be to dig deep and find those nasty, negative words you may hold over yourself – words that no longer serve you – and transform them. The negative words are usually those statements that you think “define” who you are, also known as the “you are what you think people think you are” mentality. You are who you create yourself to be! You are who you WANT to be! There is nothing holding you back because of the society you live in, genetics, family, past experiences, childhood, etc.

As Joel Osteen said, “What follows the “I am” will always come looking for you… . Many times, we are using the power of ‘I am’ against us.” What are you looking to create in your life? You get a free preview of that creation by discovering your current “I am” beliefs.

So, let’s figure this out together, right now, and make some changes. Take a few minutes out of your day to write down some limiting beliefs of yourself that come to mind. It’s time to replace them with the beliefs that you would like to have about yourself.


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