Egalite fraternite liberte!!!

„egalite fraternite liberte“ Yellow vest protesters fight police, ransack shops and set fire to bank in Paris. War is declared': 'Yellow vests' plan protests in nine French cities and a blockade of ports. The 'yellow vests' are gearing up for their 19th weekend of protests in France and the government is taking strong measures to keep order. Here's what you need to know about what is happening on Saturday.The French government announced on Wednesday evening that French anti-terror soldiers will be on duty on Saturday for the next "yellow vest" protest in order to free up police officers to concentrate on crowd control. Civilians are treated like criminals by governmental forces. Protesting is a democratic right! #herzblut #herzblutmovement #mural #stencil #stencilart #contemporaryart #fineart #subculture #artoninstagram #artonwalls #frenchrevolution #fashion #sustainablefashion #sustainable #stickers #yellowvest #yellow #vest #aroundtheworld #urbanjungle #egalitefraterniteliberte

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