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As a street art label for contemporary and pop art, my aim is to motivate people to think outside the box. My art is a mixture of stencil art, screen printing and collage as visualising techniques. The issues are provocative, rebellian over to evocative, and as a label Herzblut is independent, non-partisan and politically neutral. Art is the last bastion of free speech and expression, let´s keep it like this. 

The meaning of HERZBLUT is, to sacrifice, the "blood of your heart" for your dream. 

I believe, being autarkic and sovereign is the only way living in freedom and peace can be realised. To achieve this status we, as humanity have to take new paths by breaking out of the common patterns. Living must become more conscious and  sustainable.  We must stand together and united as humanity. We must claim truth and justice for every living beeing. This to be achieved we have to question authority and in general the system we are living in. I believe that the truth is an individual issue and can only be found through self honesty. Our thinking in consideration of consumption must change dramatically. Humanity has to invent itself by taking more responsibility and cut off the puppet strings of the past.                         

                                                                                                                                                                  George Kaza


WELTWEITER VERSAND                                                                                                         KOSTENLOSER VERSAND                                                                                                                    14 TAGE RÜCKGABERECHT

14 TAGE 
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